Tonbridge Swimming Club - New Participation and Squad Pathway



In September 2015, Tonbridge Swimming club introduced a new participation and squad pathway for the Club.  This structure was revised in 2016 by Peter Withey.

There are two routes Competitive Squad or Club Squad. The club squad is aimed at those who only want to swim for fun/fitness and can only commit once a week.  We all learn and develop at different rates and if a child in Club squad suddenly has a spurt and meets the entry criteria for a competitive squad then they will move across, and vice versa, if a child can no longer commit or meet the time standard than they will move to Club squad.  Both Club and Competitive squad will swim the same set, but the intensity and volume will vary.  All swimmers are encouraged to take part in time trials and the annual Club Championships, as this is the best way of monitoring their progress and ensuring they are in the correct squad for their ability.

Each swimmer has been allocated to a squad. Swimmers have been selected to train in their respective squads based on LTAD protocols and their own specific needs analysis skills set. Obviously, there will always be exemptions.

To increase their aerobic capacity and hard wire their skills swimmers, when promoted to the next squad, will clearly need to attend more sessions as they progress through the squad structure.

If you do not know which squad your child should be training with, please can you make contact via the club website.

Please click on this LINK to view the Squad Structure and Pathway Pyramid.



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