Club Championship Results


Competitive Events

200m Freestyle

100m Butterfly

50m Backstroke

200m IM

100m IM

200m Breaststroke

100m Backstroke

50m Butterfly

200m Butterfly, 100m Freestyle and 50m Breaststroke

Novice Events

25m Butterfly

75m IM

25m Breaststroke

25m Freestyle



Competitive Events Results

Novice Events Results

Tuesday 10 October 2017

Girls 100m Backstroke

Boys 100m Backstroke

Girls 200m IM

Boys 200m IM

Girls 25m Breaststroke

Boys 25m Breaststroke

 Thursday 12 October 2017

 Girls 100m Breaststroke

Boys 100m Breaststroke

Girls 200m Backstroke

Boys 200m Backstroke

 Girls 25m Backstroke

Boys 25m Backstroke

 Friday 13 October 2017

 Girls 50m Butterfly

Boys 50m Butterfly

Girls 50m Freestyle

Boys 50m Freestyle

Girls 50m Breaststroke

Boys 50m Breaststroke


 Sunday 22 October 2017

Mixed 400m Freestyle

 Sunday 29 October 2017

Mixed 400m IM

 Tuesday 14 November 2017

 Girls 100m Freestyle

Boys 100m Freestyle

Girls 50m Backstroke

Boys 50m Backstroke

Girls 200m Butterfly

Boys 200m Butterfly

Girls 25m Freestyle

Boys 25m Freestyle 

 Thursday 16 November 2017

Girls 200m Freestyle

Boys 200m Freestyle

Girls 100m IM 

Boys 100m IM

Girls 25m Butterfly

Boys 25m Butterfly 

 Friday 17 November 2017

Girls 200m Breaststroke

Boys 200m Breaststroke

Girls 100m Butterfly 

Boys 100m Butterfly 

Girls 75m IM

Boys 75m IM 

 Sunday 26 November 2017

 800m Freestyle

1500m Freestyle












































2016 Results (click on the event to see results; results will be uploaded as soon as they are available in electronic format)

Competitive Events Results 

 Novice Events Results
 Tuesday 11 October 100m Breaststroke
200m Backstroke

25m Breaststroke 
 Thursday 13 October 50m Backstroke
200m Freestyle 

 25m Backstroke
 Friday 14 October  50m Fly
50m Freestyle
50m Breaststroke

 There are no Novice
events tonight
Tuesday 15 November  100m Backstroke
200m IM

 25m Freestyle
Thursday 17 November   100m Free
100m IM
 25m Fly
Sunday 20 November  200m Breaststroke
100m Fly
 75m IM
2015 Results
Click here to view a full list of overall age group trophy winners including 1st, 2nd and 3rd place from the 2015 TSC Club championships


 Date  Results  Novice Results
Tuesday 20 October
50m Breaststroke 
200m Backstroke
 25m Breaststroke
 Thursday 22 October 50m Backstroke        
200m Freestyle
 25m Backstroke
 Friday 23 October 100m Fly  
50m Freestyle                 
200m Breaststroke
 Tuesday 17 November 50m Fly                      
200m IM
 25m Freestyle
 Thursday 19 November 100m Freestyle  
100m IM
 25m Fly
 Friday 20 November 100m Breaststroke      
100m Backstroke
 75m IM
 2014 Results    
2nd Nov 800m Freestyle  
4th Nov  25m/50m Breaststroke  200m Backstroke
6th Nov 100m Breaststroke 100m Individual Medley
7th Nov  25m/50m Backstroke Trophy Races
11th Nov  25m/50m Fly 200m Freestyle 
13th Nov  400m Freestyle  
14th Nov  75m Individual Medley 100m Backstroke
18th Nov  100m Freestyle 200m Breaststroke 
20th Nov   25m/50m Freestyle  200m Individual Medley
21st Nov   100m Fly  
 Date Session  Results 
 5th Nov 2013  1 Session 1 - 25/50m BR Results
   2 Session 2 - 100m BK Results
 7th Nov 2013  3   Session 3 - 200m Im Results
 8th Nov 2013  4 Session 4 - 25/50m BK Results
   5 Session 5 - 100m Fly Results
 12th Nov 2013  6 Session 6 - 25/50m Fly Results
   7 Session 7 - 200m Fc Results
 14th Nov 2013  8 Session 8 - 400m Fc Results
 15th Nov 2013  9 Session 9 - 75/100m Im Results
   10 Session 10 - 100m Fc Results
 19th Nov 2013  11 Session 11 - 25/50m Fc Results
   12 Session 12 - 100m Br Results
 20th Nov 2013  13 Session 13 - Trophy Races Results
Venue/Details Date Session Results
Session 1/2 Town Pool 6th November 2012 Session 1: Novice 25m Back/50m Back
Session 2: 50m Back
Session 3 School Pool 8th November 2012 Session 3: 200m Free
Session 4/5 Town Pool 9th November 2012 Session 4: Novice 75m IM/100m IM
Session 5: 100m IM/25m Fly/100m Fly
Session 6/7 Town Pool 13th November 2012 Session 6: Novice 25m Breaststroke/50m Breaststroke
Session 7: 50m Breaststroke/100m Breaststroke
Session 8 School Pool 15th November 2012 Session 8: 100m Free/50m Fly/100m IM/25m Fly/200m IM
Session 9/10 Town Pool 16th November 2012 Session 9: 25m Free/50m Free
Session 10: 50m Free/100m Free
Venue/Details Date Session Results
Tonbridge October 2011 Results Link


Venue/Details Date Session Results
Tonbridge October 2010 Results Link




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