Time Trial Results

Venue / Details Date  Session Results
Walthamstown Hall Pool Sunday 26 November 2017

50m Fly

50m Back

50m Breaststroke

50m Freestyle

100m Fly

100m Backstroke

100m Breaststroke

100m Freestyle

200m Breaststroke

200m Freestyle 

Tonbridge Pool 
 Tuesday 12 April 2016  Click here to view times 
 Tonbridge Pool
Tuesday 25 February 2015 - 7.30 pm  Click on this Link
 Tonbridge Pool Tuesday 25 February 2015 - 8.10 pm
 Click on this Link

 Tonbridge Pool

15th Nov 2011  Link
 Tonbridge Pool  8th & 11th May 2012  Link
 Tonbridge Pool  5th March 2013 25m    50m      100m / 200m
 Tonbridge Pool  21st May 2013  25mResults     50mResults
 Tonbridge Pool  24th May 2013  Results
 Tonbridge Pool  3rd June 2014  100m free and 50m & 25m races


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